Bo Frasa Real Products Website and SEO

An unusual commission for me which lead me to investigate the use of shopping carts and payment methods. Very complicated in some ways and honestly I would approach this differently if I were to do it again. The matching of some many different operations; the wordpress template, the shopping cart plugin, PayPal, shipping method and more requires a very strategic approach. Start with the payment method and work backwards would be my advice and check at every stage the next part of the jigsaw is compatible. For example there are some good shipping methods available which offer good WP compatibility but if your client is already useing one that doesn’t offer this facility then you have a lot of work to do. Having now gained a broader understanding of what needs to fit where and how to approach this I think I would encourage the client to spend a little extra money at the start of the project and save themselves a lot of pain later. If and when this shop starts to provide the cleint with an income I think we will redesign from scratch with all of the above in mind. That will also mean the user will have some experience of what works for them and where we need to make changes. They will also have hopefully become a more capable user andwill have manged the shop for a while. That in itsefl is complex enough and requires a good understanding of retail in order to implement an effective solution. I think we did it. Well we got to first base. Next base will be even better.