Rock ‘n’ Roll Town Crier Website and SEO

This was an interesting project as it required a complete redesign of the website along with the delevlopment of an SEO strategy that included setting up and integrating a PODBEAN channel. The client is a town crier for Wimborne, a small tow in the south of the UK. Not only does he perform the usual town criers duties he also runs the local militia, DJs as a reggae DJ, MCs for festivals and some quite famous bands and finally also has a weekly radio show on Forest FM. Before the redesign he had been able to integrate all of this into a simple online presence. He had also been hosting the radio shows on Mediafire which gave him storeage and downloads but not live streaming or iTunes integration. All of this was achieved by setting up a PODBEAN account and moving the radio show accross to this platform. This was then embeded into the website and the RSS feed integrated into FaceBook and Twitter. All of this was good fun and allowed for some of the work of promoting the podcasts to be automated. Chris, the client is still learning how to run the site so there has been a fair amount of hand holding and post completion support. But that comes with the territory. While enabling Chris to manage the site on his own is the final goal it can often take a while to ssupport a client through the learning curve required to turn them into their own webmaster.