My Culture Room Chinese Language, Culture and Arts.

mycultureroom was an interesting project as we used the website as a way of planning the overall project. Actually the project was a start-up business aim at delivering cultural and language services to foreigners living and working in the Chinese city of Tangshan. As we researched and established the business plan the website design reflected that process step by step and was intergral to the business marketing strategy.

I guess the demonstrates the way in which the development of an online presence for your business can go hand in hand with your planning. A website is not something you have to do at a certain point in time. You don’t have to wait until you have “got all your ducks in a row” to undertake the development. It is a fluid and dynamic process. You can make changes at any time.

In addition what I found was that the questions you ask about the website and its content, the SEO strategy and the social network integration. Mirror the questions you ask when writing a business plan. In a way the website on this project became a visual representation of the business plan. I have since moved away from Tangshan but am still in touch with the client and I believe the business is doing well.

Some of the features written into the site design include paid membership, school timetable and events calander and support for language teaching.