Long Tou Shan (Dragons Head Mountain) Tai Chi School.

Long Tou Tai Chi


Another Tai Chi website for a school in Yangshuo. In fact this was the first school I ever trained at in Yangshuo so I am happy to help them out with this revamp of their website. Competition is very hot in Yangshuo these days amongst the different Tai Chi schools. The days when Long Tou Shan Tai Chi School was the only one with a website has long gone. Attracting westerners to the schools is an important part of their business so having an attractive website with good SEO is very important to them.

The brief was to keep it looking traditional and Chinese. They wanted to retain the feel of the old website which a lot of people seemingly liked. But include the kind of modern features that help with SEO. For example a blog and social media integration. In addition, on a personal level I wanted the site to look very different from the other schools in the area. I know this school and I know the kind of people who go there so I wanted to focus on the kind of features they would enjoy most i.e. Tai Chi for health, the fact that teaching is in English, a female Tai Chi master, the school is in a beautiful setting and so on. I am personally quite proud of it and think it works well. If I can get the people at the school to use it and blog to the site then it will be even more successful.

NOTE: the site has now been launched and is live 11/10/2014.