Solent Productions Consultancy for O.S. Maps

I was approached by Solent Productions, a graduate student led production company running out of Southampton Solent University, requesting someone to take on a consultancy role. Working with the Solent Productions team I worked on developing the brief, pitching ideas and client liaison. The client, O.S. Maps wanted a quick turn around for a Christmas video for their social media sites. They wanted something a little viral that played with the qualities of their maps and pointed out the value of their product in a digital age. My role was very much one of steering the project through the initial stages of development and problem solving. I took a direct role at this stage working directly with the client to take a brief and set up the parameters for the project. Working with a team of student storyboard artists we worked up four ideas which were eventually pitched to the client. Once a final decision had been reached Solent Productions took over responsibility for delivery and I took a back seat, executive producer style. It was a very enjoyable project and I think a successful one. The client was very happy with the video and I think they appreciate that the clip will serve them beyond the initial Christmas market.