Aalto Media Services provides video production and integrated marketing services to corporate and business users. Activities include consultation and planning as well as delivery of video files ready for uploading. The integration of your content into your online social network is also an activity that Aalto Media Services can help you with by blogging and other social networking on your behalf.

Aalto Media Services is run by Roy Hanney an independent video producer since the mid nineteen eighties. Roy began his career as a freelance film and video technician and cut his teeth on live television including news, breakfast shows, outside broadcasts and events. He has worked on many television programmes in the past for networks such as ITV, BBC, BSB Sky and Channel Four.

In the late nineteen eighties Roy founded Demeter Films with fellow freelancers and undertook production of catwalk videos, education videos and pop promos for a range of clients. Breaking off from the world of television production Roy took time out in the nineteen nineties to complete a degree and spent some time travelling.

In the last ten years Roy has been teaching media production at universities in the UK and has revived his activities as a video producer working for clients on the south coast to advise and support their marketing needs.

Roy has expertise in video production project management, screen-writing, camera and sound operations, single and multi-camera operations, post production, marketing and video SEO. He also develops and manages a number of websites and social networks for clients and voluntary organisations.

Aalto Media Services offers a bespoke package tailored to your needs at an affordable price. The aim is to drive traffic to your website or social network or get you time on the television networks. All of which can be achieved with a little planning and imagination.

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