Yangshuo Tai Chi School Website & SEO


Another website commission that came through a personal contact and another Tai Chi teacher. Master Fu invited me to redesign his existing website and was very keen that the new site should have a good search engine ranking in both China and abroad as he was at the time concerned to increase student numbers at the school.

The website was implemented on a WordPress platform with a multilingual capability provided via WPML’s wonderful plugin for WordPress. Other than the difficulty of working accross a number of languages the overal design was fairly straight forward having gone for a clean, modern and simple look to the pages.

The project also saw the creation of a number of social media channels such as FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and others which were all intergrated into the blog stream from the website. Since Master Fu, the owener of the school doesn’t have access to FaceBook or indeed the ability to use it in English I also set up his profile and provided content for this and the school page.

The key search terms were “tai chi china’ (an ambitious one but we have done quite well so far), “tai chi Yangshuo” (already dominating searches for this locality), “tai chi school china” (again we are now ranked well for this term) and “learn tai chi china”. Our key competitors ranked at number one on all of these search strings and we are now starting to push them off the top in some cases.

The commission also saw the production of a series of short viral video’s for Master Fu which have produced a backlog of content for upload to YouTube and eventually the blog. A brief spell at the school in the summer of 2012 also allowed me to train local staff to update the blog in Chinese and deal with Chinese SEO requirements.

With a team of Master Fu’s students now steering the blog in Spanish, French, Slovenian and Chinese as well as English the website is well on its way to achieving all its goals and we expect that by the srping of 2013, just one year after its inception the site will dominate the search engine rankings for our key terms.